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A holistic approach to wellbeing will help individuals to overcome challenges and allow them
to achieve their personal and career goals.

We practice what we preach each and every day, and we know first hand that educating your
employees about wellbeing and being aware of their individual needs can only lead to a happier workforce.

A happier and healthier employee will be more productive and engaged, which can only be good for your business.


Duration: Up to 1 Hour
Number of Clients: Minimum of 10 guests

Yoga is excellent for lowering stress levels. Your staff will function better individually and even more so in a team environment. Yoga has many health benefits from increased flexibility to improved posture to increased muscle strength.

Our yoga workshops and classes are custom made to fit the needs of each of
our clients from beginners to experts.

Price Guide – £14 + VAT pp (based on 15 participants)

Mindfulnes Workshop

Duration: 30
40 Minutes
Number of Clients: Minimum 10 guests

Mindfulness is about putting aside worries about the future and the past and experiencing the present.

People have used it effectively to treat anxiety, pain and stress. It has also been seen to enhance creativity and productivity too.

Our trained coach will help get guests into a guided mindfulness meditation. Guests will take away how they can apply this mindfulness session into their daily life.

We can also offer further coaching sessions and online courses relating to Mindfulness
and Wellbeing.

Price Guide – £14 + VAT pp (based on 15 participants)

Tai Chi

Duration: 45 minutes
Number of Clients: 10 – 30 guests

Combining deep breathing and relaxation with slow flowing and graceful movement, Tai Chi is a 13th Century Chinese martial art which is now regarded as a health promoting

A low impact session for all abilities, Tai Chi sessions work well as morning energisers, an afternoon break out activity or an end of day wind down.

Price Guide – £12 + VAT pp (based on 15 participants)

Laughter Workshop

Duration: 30 minutes
Number of Clients: Minimum 10 guests

This workshop can generate ways to work together even better, using skills such as listening, communication visioning, laughter and more.

Never underestimate a good laugh!

When you have laughed with someone you can work more easily together.

By bringing laughter into the workplace, people become more resilient, motivated, creative and productive altogether working better as a team member as well as individually.

Price Guide – £15 + VAT pp (based on 30 participants)