Top Tips for How to Stay Pro-Active During Lockdown

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In the midst of a pandemic, depending on any number of variables such as your business size, industry, location, market, etc, you may have felt it inappropriate to be actively making your traditional ‘sales calls’ in light of the challenges that your prospects and customers may be facing.

It’s right to be cautious as you do not want to lose trust or respect from your audience, customers and prospects for being insensitive. However, there are several ways to remain pro-active, effective and efficient during lockdown, here’s my Top 8 Tips:

  1. Keep in touch with customers & prospects – Show that you genuinely care by not trying to win sales! Uniquely we are all experiencing Covid-19 together so it’s a great opportunity to touch base, be a friendly face/ear, listen to their situation and add value where possible via insight, connections, ideas, etc.  Being there when it counts will strengthen your relationships for the future. Cleanse and update – a great time to cleanse and update your database/CRM to ensure it’s current, up to date, streamlined and effective. Market Research – Some of your clients and prospects may be willing to participate in a survey to give you insight into your brand perceptions, service, quality, etc. or establish insights and opinions on the future market demand.
  2. Research new leads – Use time to research new leads or markets.
  1. Social Media – It may not be relevant to put out ‘sales’ messages but you can still grow your followers and engage your audience with quality content. When things get back to ‘normal’ you want your brand to be the ‘go to’ because it’s recognisable and trusted. Connect/Follow customers and prospects ready to engage. Utilise Twitter Hours, LinkedIn and Facebook groups, discussions, message and comment where you would previously have not had time or known what to say.  We have more in common now than ever! 
  1. Review Processes and Procedure – Take the time to run through your sales and enquiry systems, processes to ensure they are effective and efficient.
  1. Review/Rewrite – Review and rewrite your sales and marketing plan to reflect the situation and what will need to be done to recoup losses. Plan for your business re-emerging and share your plan in advance to your market to reassure the market and demonstrate your adaptability.
  1. Diversify  – So proud that within the events, hospitality, and travel industry my colleagues have been able to respond to this crisis by diversifying. Venues into hospitals, hotels into hostels for the homeless, restaurants delivering hot meals to the vulnerable, etc.  Look at your skills and services to consider how they could serve other purposes. 
  1. Upskill – So many online up skilling tools available at the moment, including sales and marketing, blogging, vlogging, negotiating, presentation skills, proposal writing, customer retention, social media, etc.  Up skill while you have time to learn and practise.
  1. Collaborate – Collaborate with associate partners to offer additional services and/or more holistic/comprehensive packages of services as solutions, up sales or cross sales.

We hope our tips are helpful, let us know your feedback.


Written by Kathryn Clarke, Owner of Hello Hospitality

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