#SixOfTheBest Tips to Maximise Venue Sales & Hospitality Revenue

It’s our 6th Birthday!

So, we are celebrating with #SixoftheBest, our six best shares for you this week. Today’s is our #SixOfTheBest Tips to Maximise Venue Sales & Hospitality Revenue

  • Service and Upselling – I cannot tell you how often I have sat in a restaurant and felt frustrated at the opportunities being lost when I have wanted to order something additional; an appetiser, drink, wine, dessert, coffee, but the waiting staff are disinterested or too busy to revisit our table. Equally frustrated as I notice opportunities to upsell slip through their fingers.  If sales and upselling skills were not already on your agenda then they should be now, especially now when capacities are lower and every cover counts!  With many menu’s also being online via apps rather than printed it’s the perfect opportunity for your staff to engage with customers. Some simple additional procedures, training or adjustment to rostering to ensure a quality customer experience and service can rectify the problem. You should be able to potentially double the cover value. Look out for our guide, coming soon! Drop us a line for a copy when available, contact us.
  • Video – Utilise video in your sales efforts, introductions, proposals, follow ups, websites, social media.  Professional or DIY, there are many helpful apps to help even the most reluctant presenter. Check out Pistachio View, one of our recommendations for Sales Managers.
  • Virtual Tours – Every venue should be utilising a virtual Tour, it will showcase your venue to prospects, helping to visualise the space and their event and may be a substitute for a pre visit, saving time.
  • Sales Calls – In a digital world of email, social and apps, do not forget to pick up the phone and call prospects and clients.  Nothing surpasses the effectiveness of a real-life conversation, especially at times likes this when we are craving human contact after being hidden away from each other for so long. Taking the time to call shows that you care.
  • Flexibility – In a time of uncertainty, flexibility is key, when market confidence is low due to not knowing about changes in lockdown and quarantine rules, short lead deals and offers may have a pickup, making the most of gaps of opportunity to meet and travel.
  • Confidence – restore market confidence with positive news and messages about your venue safety, demand/business outlook, product/service development, team achievements. We all need positive news stories.

How are you finding business after lockdown? How did ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ work for you? Are you interested in finding out how your team maximise sales opportunities?

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