#SixOfTheBest Lessons Learnt

It’s our 6th Birthday!

So, we are celebrating with #SixoftheBest, our six best shares for you this week. Today’s is our #SixOfTheBest Lesson Learnt.

Business owner Kathryn Clarke has learnt a lot over the last six years in business and everyday is still a school day.  All the lessons are still relevant, despite the uncertain times that we find our selves in. 

Here is her top 6 lessons learnt:

  • Be Brave – Back in 2014, I was employed as a Sales & New Business Manager on an estate resort and the time felt right for a new challenge for several reasons. Due to my location being fairly rural and having primary age children, new employment opportunities in the corporate events market were limited and the urge to create my own niche, to suit my desired direction, lifestyle choices and family commitments were born.  Giving up a job to take on a new role is always an anxious time but giving up a job to become self-employed is a whole new terrifying experience. I am not a brave person, I overthink, worry, and sometimes suffer from a lack self-confidence, so if I can do it, anyone can!  If you have done your market research, have a clear strategy and the tenacity and passion to succeed, go for it.  Unless you try, you will never know, and if the venture fails, you have lost nothing yet gained valuable experience and knowledge.
  • Believe in yourself – Self-doubt can be crippling to your performance and business, believe in your value, your service/product and yourself and go for it. Dismiss negative thoughts of self-doubt and feel positive about your capabilities.
  • Remember your ‘why’ – When times are hard, and let’s face it, pretty much all of us have been through a tough few months, we can easily forget our ‘why’, the reason we get up in the morning, the reason we work hard, the reason we do what we do.  These core values can help spur us on when we have setbacks and doubts.
  • Stay Positive – Now more than ever, when we endure such challenges, certainly in the events sector, we must remain positive.  Believe in and pursue positive outcomes with the help of simple mindset exercises.
  • Be focussed – Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Business planning and strategy is essential, and in times of crisis or challenge, review your plans and refocus on the goals and how to achieve them considering the new situation. It may take longer, or the goals may change, that is OK, the essential part is having clear direction, targets, and a plan of how to achieve the goal.
  • Work Hard – At the end of the day, working for yourself and setting up your own business is rewarding and to succeed you will need to build a loyal, happy client base who are willing to refer.  Work hard to ensure your customer obligations are fulfilled, satisfied, and exceeded for guaranteed success.

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