Murder Mystery Experience

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Murder Mysteries Themes:

The Mystery of the Missing Mobster
You are invited to travel back to 1920 and help intrepid detective Betty Diddit
solve the murder of the infamous mob boss, Donatello Nobodi.
Against a background of family rivalry, espionage and skeletons in the closet,
help Betty work out which of his ‘trusted’ staff and relatives resorted to murder
to get what they really wanted…

The Curse of Queen Nefertiti’s Necklace
The year is 1933 and world-famous Egyptologist, Archie Ologist has recently laid
his hands on a necklace belonging to Queen Nefertiti, which was plundered
from the cursed tomb of Tutankhamen in 1923.
Some say the necklace is cursed, as all those who have touched it or are
involved with anyone who has stolen it, have befallen a terrible death…

The Art of Murder
Betty is called to the scene of local art historian Paul Trait only to discover that
he has been murdered, and a priceless sketch is missing!
Suspects include a group of like-minded historians and artisans, but which one
of them wanted to get their hands on the sketch? And was this in fact the real
motive, or is there something more sinister at play…?

A Taste of Murder
Betty Didditt has been called to the scene of another murder – and this time
there is booze involved!
Local wine merchant Al Cohol is hosting an event to launch his new fine wine
range, and the local wine tasting group are all invited. But when disaster strikes
and a grisly fate befalls Al, Betty is called in to investigate his murder…

“I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve had nothing but good feedback from the team for the Murder Mystery event that you organised for us on 23rd December.  Everyone really enjoyed it and the team were great fun and really engaging.”

Murder Mystery Prices

£560 (2 actors up to 20 guests)
£650 (3 actors up to 30 guests)
£740 (4 actors up to 50 guests)
£850 (5 actors up to 80 guests)
£1000 (7 actors up to 100 guests)