Hello Hospitality’s Top 5 most popular services

Outsourcing can save you hours from your to-do list, and in a world where outsource services providers increase year on year, why not tap into these more flexible, cost effective services?

Hello Hospitality offers sales support and services to the hospitality industry.  Here are our top 5 most popular services this year that have helped clients to increase their proactive sales activity and generate revenue:

1. Follow Up & Conversion Calls:   We make follow up calls to your sales campaign generated leads, past and current enquiries lapsed and lost users to qualify, generate enquiries and convert to bookings.

 2. Service Calls and Data Cleanse: Are you in touch with your customer base? Do they know that you appreciate them? Are they up to date with news and offers?  We offer that personal touch of a quick phone call to relationship build, ignite interest, generate new enquiries and maintain the general health of your database.

3. Prospecting/Telesales: Introducing client venue/service and qualifying leads to drive new business.

4. Appointments: Making face to face business appointments for long standing business relations and building loyalty.

5. Agency Calls: Maximising agency business by building relationships with agencies, providing regular updates, securing appointments and venue visits.

Kathryn Clarke

Hello Hospitality


Kathryn Clarke

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