10 Ways Hello Hospitality Can Help Your Hospitality Business

Outsourcing can save you hours from your to-do list, and in a world where outsource services increase year on year, why not tap into these more flexible, cost effective services?

Hello Hospitality offers sales and marketing support and services to the events, hospitality and tourism industry.  Here are 10 ways you can use Hello Hospitality services to improve your business performance.

  1. Follow Up & Conversion Calls: Are you on top of all those enquiries that you receive and quote but don’t have time to follow up? If not, it could not be easier to entrust them to the Hello Hospitality team for follow up and conversion.
  2. Lead Generation: Research and prospecting calls to build a database of prospective clients.
  3. Database Entries: We all have that pile of business cards that never find their way to the database, well just send them over and have them sent back on a spreadsheet that you can simply input into your database/CRM system.
  4. Account and Prospect Service Calls: Are you in touch with your customer base? Do they know that you appreciate them and keep them up to date with news and offers?  There is nothing like the personal touch and a quick call may even prompt a business enquiry so if you don’t have time to call, this is easy to outsource and speaks volumes to your customers.
  5. Prospecting/Telesales: Want to drive new business but don’t have the time/resources? Let us introduce your services and qualify leads for you.
  6. Appointments: A face to face business appointment is a great start for long standing business relations and building loyalty. You have the contacts but no time to make the appointments; we can handle that for you!
  7. Venue Finding Agency Calls: Corporate buyers are increasingly turning to third party agencies to save time and manage costs. Maximize on agency bookings by building relationships with agencies and providing regular updates.
  8. Representation: Looking to increase your business profile and create awareness, generate new leads and enquiries, we offer representation to our network of buyers via our website, mailer and database calls.
  9. Project Management: Running a specific task/project, perhaps a new venue or service launch or covering team short or long term planned absences.
  10. Sales & Marketing Planning:  Need help with your S&M strategy, processes and planning, let us help you reach your goals step by step.

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